Upstate Bridge 5 Areas of Outreach

While we serve and invest all over the nation and world, we are extremely passionate about local missions.
Upstate Bridge focuses on five main areas of outreach:


A new ministry partnering with churches and schools in our community to help serve students, teachers and administrators. Our Objective: To serve the emotional, social, and academic needs of public school children through one-on-one mentoring relationships, supporting and serving schools, teachers and staff and building relationships that where we can share the love of Jesus. Currently, we have partnered with 12 local schools. Join us as we make an eternal difference in our community.


We have a strong commitment to helping build up families across the Upstate communities. Foster families and adoptive families are loved on and find strong communities of love and support. In addition, resources and special events are designed to create community and provide help. And single parents can know they have committed partners in helping them manage the demands and challenges of parenting.

For more info, contact Lynda Watson at [email protected]


We want to be a part of God making all things new. We believe God can restore the hearts of those who have previously served time. This ministry is committed to providing love, support, and guidance to released prisoners so they can experience hope and a positive outlook for their futures.

To learn more about this unique ministry contact John Tinsley at [email protected].


We have addiction recovery support groups that meet on Monday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm. Our men's group meets in the College Street Cafe and is facilitated by Bram Porter. Our ladies' group meets in the Parlor and is facilitated by Noelle Lawson. Men and women of all ages are welcome.

Check out these out on our groups page.


When disaster, tragedy, or difficult times arise we want the Upstate community to know we are here for them. We have relief assistance programs and teams ready to respond and make a difference. We want the communities around us to feel the love of Jesus through all of our relief and assistance efforts.

Happy Trails Cowboy Church

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Want More Information?

To get more information about any of the local missions opportunities, please contact Bob Felts at [email protected] or John Tinsley at [email protected].