What is All In?

ALL IN is a 2-year Initiative that will challenge us all to take our next step of commitment in our faith journey. We believe we are at a crossroads, a defining moment in the life of our church. Watch our Teaser Video now. Check out this video!

The Stories

Kevin and Jessi Cyrulik

All In is not sitting in the back row, it’s not Sunday commandos or phrases like, “Hi, what’s your name? Have you found a church yet?” All In is injecting Jesus right into the center of your life and never looking back! All In is praying for God to show you his will and give you the strength to walk in it.. and then.. Start Walking!!

Stewart Rivers

Since 2014 I have had two heart attacks, Open heart surgery for a triple bypass, stents put in my heart twice and diagnosed with prostate cancer. August 2017 my wife of 59 years died. God never left me during all that. He was in the operating room with me and by my side during the death of my wife. My faith and my Church family is all I can depend on. I do not know what tomorrow holds but I know who holds tomorrow.

Tom and Joy Rucker

When we moved to Simpsonville in May 1977, I was a new Christian. Throughout the years God has allowed me to grow in my faith by serving in different areas – none of which I was qualified. I had to trust and depend on God, not myself.A defining moment in my life at FBS/UC was my introduction to and my involvement in missions home and abroad. This showed me what being the hands and feet of Jesus really means – not just talking but doing service opportunities for others.


A One Fund really is as simple as it sounds. While continuing to fulfill the financial requirements of our current ministries and aggressively paying down our debt connected to recent facilities improvements, we will also expand our missional impact like never before. This will be accomplished in a unified financial plan that organizes it ALL IN… ONE FUND.

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