Downtown Campus Staff

  • Wayne Bray
    Lead Pastor
  • Bob Felts
    Coordinator of Mobilization
  • Brian Owens
    Executive Pastor Ministries
  • Wes Walker
    Executive Pastor Missions/Creative Arts
  • Russell Hill
    Director of Operations
  • Jeff Jennings
    Director of Creative Services
  • Steve Genoble
    Director Family Ministries
  • Ashley Moore
    Connections/Sportslife Pastor
  • Kathy Robinson
    Minister of Grouplife/Counseling
  • Randy Kirby
    Worship Pastor
  • Pat Gillen
    Student Minister
  • Josh Pratt
    Children's Minister
  • Sanita Smith
    Preschool Minister
  • Dan Taylor
    Senior Adults/Pastoral Care
  • Kayleigh Standard
    Associate Student Minister
  • Raphael Velasco
    Hispanic Pastor

Upstate Church: Harrison Bridge Staff

  • Ben Brammer
    Interim Campus Pastor
  • Larry Rockwell
    Worship Leader
  • Monica Mangum
    Campus Kids Coordinator
  • Will Bray
    Campus Student Coordinator

Downtown Support Staff

Scott Lawson
SportsLife Coordinator/Young Adult Ministry

Doug McCarthy
SportsLife Coordinator

Krystal Manwaring
Upstate Kids Coordinator

Cindy Smith
Ministry Assistant

Sheryl Tepper
Ministry Assistant

Lynda Watson
Ministry Assistant

Kim Robinson

Terri Tanner
Ministry Assistant

Judy Cook
Financial Specialist

Melissa Nelson

John Tinsley
Local Missions Coordinator

Susan Ballinger

Susan Solesbee

John Hogg
Facilities Specialist

Chris Davis
Facilities Specialist