Downtown Campus Staff

  • Wayne Bray
    Lead Pastor
  • Brian Owens
    Executive Pastor Ministries
  • Wes Walker
    Executive Pastor Missions/Creative Arts
  • Russell Hill
    Director of Operations
  • Jeff Jennings
    Director of Creative Services
  • Steve Genoble
    Director Family Ministries
  • Ashley Moore
    Connections/Sportslife Pastor
  • Kathy Robinson
    Minister of Grouplife/Counseling
  • Randy Kirby
    Worship Pastor
  • Pat Gillen
    Student Minister
  • Rebekah Warren
    Assistant Student Minister
  • Josh Pratt
    Children's Minister
  • Sanita Smith
    Preschool Minister
  • Dan Taylor
    Senior Adults/Pastoral Care

Upstate Church: Harrison Bridge Staff

  • Bob Felts
    Campus Pastor
  • Larry Rockwell
    Worship Leader
  • Monica Mangum
    Grade School Coordinator

Downtown Support Staff